Allied’s focus is on providing clean technology products and services to industrial clients, in particular in the oil, gas, water and coal industry. In addition to engineering services, our main products are high quality re-refined lube oils. Our proprietary coal gasification process can be combined with the sequestration of CO2, which can be used to enhance the recovery and production of crude oil. In China we manufacture catalysts for the removal of nitrogen oxides to serve the domestic and international markets. We provide engineering solutions for the removal of CO2, NOx, sulphur and other particulates from industrial waste gases and to the water industry by designing and building water and (industrial) wastewater treatment plants.

Allied Resource Corporation (Allied) is a clean energy technologies company servicing and operating energy-related businesses worldwide. Our operations are based on proprietary technologies for the recycling and re-refining of waste oils into high-quality oil products, the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur emissions, the treatment of industrial waste water, and the production of synthetic gases. Since its formation in 1994, Allied Resource Corporation has developed its business platform by securing proprietary ownership in key technologies for its core business segments.

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