Clean Oil Technologies

Our clean oil technologies unit is developing and operating waste oil re-refineries to recycle used oil into high quality lube oil. Our subsidiary, Puralube, Inc. (Wayne, PA), has entered into an exclusive license agreement with UOP for the HyLubeTM Process. Puralube currently operates two refineries in Zeitz, Germany with a combined annual capacity of 150,000 tons of waste oil. A joint venture  has been  entered into with a Scandinavian partner for a third refinery in Norway. In Europe, the waste oil required as feedstock is supplied by our subsidiaries, Baufeld GmbH in Germany and Eco-Oil Ltd. in the UK.

The strong competitive technological advantages of the HyLubeTM Process  enables Puralube  to develop an aggressive plan for the rollout of multiple refineries in Europe, the United States and Asia.